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Beginner Quick Start Ephemera Bundle

Beginner Quick Start Ephemera Bundle

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Perfect bundle for beginners to have the essentials in things to use to help embellish, do swaps, etc.

You will receive:

10 coffee stained papers made by me,  2 Vintage William Shakespeare Pages, 3 faux invoices which are double sided, 1 Lg Vintage Music Sheet, 2 hymnals, Faux Vellum Paper made by me, 3 envelopes stamped with a Tiffany & Co stamp, 2 different size timecards, 4 different sized glassine bags that are coffee stained, 2 small paper bags, 1 tea bag stained, 1 cone shaped coffee filter stained, 2 coffee stained memorydex cards, Set of 3 5ct tickets diff colors, 2 vintage library reference cards, 2 library cards, flash card, 5 different Guest Checks, bingo card, 2 Repair Tags



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